Ring doorbell not working

Ring Doorbell not working : Fix it now

Ring doorbell not working: Ring Doorbell Offline is primarily due to low signal and network speed and also due to wrongly configured router settings and doorbell outdated firmware. Ring Doorbell inbuilt structure has an intelligent system and Ring smart technology is fully compatible to work under every condition. However, you may see Ring doorbell not working properly at times due to issues like device connectivity, where your Ring Doorbell shows offline, won’t ring , show recording problems or a Ring device keeps going offline randomly etc. When you see your Ring doorbell not working, try to diagnose the root cause which will help you find the best possible solution to the problem. If your Ring doorbell shows offline or disconnects from wi-fi randomly, it could be a wi-fi problem and when the doorbell features are not working, it can be a Ring doorbell internal software or firmware related issue. Here are the latest guidelines to troubleshoot Ring doorbell not working scenario.

Ring doorbell not working : Ring doorbell offline

Ring Doorbell Not Working: Ring Doorbell Offline : Ring doorbell 2, Pro

If your Ring Video Doorbell tends to randomly to lose its connection to your Wi-Fi network. Every device may not have same circumstances where the Ring doorbell offline error or the device loses its connection to network or wi-fi. Here is what you can do to fix the problem

  1. Ring doorbell offline error
Ring doorbell Offline: Begin the troubleshooting

For Ring doorbell not working or Ring doorbell offline issue, First of all you need to verify that the issues you are experiencing are the result of a wi-fi problem or something else. So, to check that, please begin your troubleshooting with checking your Ring Doorbell’s internet connection. Here are the steps to check this

  1. First you need to open the Ring app on your phone
  2. Now select your Ring Doorbell, if you have multiple select the one you are experiencing problem with
  3. Now you should select the option Device Health.
  4. If your Ring Doorbell is offline, it will say “Offline” under the Network header.

What you need to do further, once it is determined that the Ring doorbell offline error is due to Wi-Fi disconnect. If the issue is first time , follow the given steps else skip to Ring doorbell wifi troubleshooting section. Lets see the wires and reboot the device as given in steps below.

  • Lets check to see if the wires are properly plugged in and that all the lights on the front of the router are lit and showing working state of device. Check if another Wi-Fi device is having a problem connecting to the network.
  • If wires are okay, try router reboot or power cycle by unplugging your router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. See if your Ring Doorbell reconnects to network.
  • Turn off the power to your Ring Pro at the breaker box for 30 seconds, then turn it back on. See if your Ring Doorbell connects back to the wi-fi.
  • Press the side button on the Ring doorbell ( pro) to put the device in Setup mode. Wait 10 seconds, then press it again and see if your Ring Doorbell automatically reconnects.
  • Use another power outlet for your Ring doorbell to ensure the device is getting sufficient power. Sometimes, the power issue comes from the wall outlet as well.
  • Now , you have checked all wires and rebooted the router and power supply is good and still issue is not resolved go to Ring doorbell wifi troubleshooting section.
  • If there is any power related issue, call Ring support for help,if device is in warranty.

If your Ring Doorbell keeps going offline, it’s generally router and network issues that wont allow the doorbell to remain connected to wireless: Follow this article for detailed troubleshooting information when Ring device wont connect to wifi

Determine network issues for Ring doorbell offline issue

Low signal strength and network speed: This has to be the first step to determine network related errors. Check your network speed right at that location where the doorbell is installed. Check the wifi signal strength on your phone and if it is weak try the range extenders to get good signal and for low speed speak with our Ring network support desk for guidance. There can be network interference as well due to long distance of router from the doorbell. Ring doorbell offline error most of the rimes is because of these two reasons and you can speak with support for assistance as well.

Router or network settings problems: At times, it could be your router that is not allowing the device to properly establish connection, so it keeps loosing. Check to see if your router firmware is up to date and update firmware if any new version is available on manufacturer website. Your router settings may be the problem, as it could be the router settings already modified specifically to support another device on the network.

Check and modify DCHP and Wifi Channel: Your router when configured to assign Ip address automatically works fine as it recognize the device on its own and save their settings to set up communication. If it is not working you can go for manual Ip assigning and also try to change the wifi channel between 9-11 and try to see if your Ring doorbell offline error gets resolved. Check your router settings page to modify these settings. For remotely accessed doorbells make sure udp ports are enabled.

Try changing the wifi password:  Now, this steps may sound invalid, but it works. if your Ring doorbell offline error is not fixed and the device keep on failing to reconnect. Remove your wifi password and then see if you can connect and if it connects then setup a new password again for your wifi network. Changing wifi password allows the device to get configured with new settings and it works. If your password is long and with too many variables, that could also be the problem so keep a short password upto 8 characters. to enter the new password follow the steps given below

  1. Open your Ring App on your mobile device.
  2. On the upper left side, there are 3 horizontal lines, Tap the three lines.
  3. In the side menu you need to tap “Devices.”
  4. Now under the Devices menu, locate the Ring doorbell with the connection issue and select it or tap on it
  5. Select “device health” on the bottom half of the screen, then select “reconnect to Wi-Fi.”
  6. You’ll have to enter your new Wi-Fi password here. See if your device reconnects and you get the live view.

Upgrade Ring doorbell firmware:  When the problem is off and on, make sure you check for any available ring firmware upgrades for your doorbell. The old firmware might be causing the problem and new version will help you get rid of the problem.

Manually put the Ring doorbell in setup mode and try to reconnect

You can first reset the Ring device to its factory settings.  And then press the dei orange button to put the doorbell in setup mode and follow these steps to reconnect with your wifi network.

  1. The doorbell should say “Ring doorbell is in setup mode”, once you put it in the setup mode.
  2. Now open the Ring App on your phone and Tap The light is spinning, when the light around the doorbell button is spinning.
  3. The Ring app will now make an attempt to connect to your Ring device. once detected you will see the option join and lets tap Join.
  4. now your doorbell should give prompt”Ring doorbell is connected to the ring app”.
  5. You will see the network list, and now lets select your wi-fi network name, make sure it is 2.4 ghz.
  6. Carefully enter the 2.4 ghz network password and make sure your wi-fi password is entered correctly.
  7. Once credentials are in you can now ,Tap Continue.
  8. The doorbell should prompt “Ring doorbell is connected to the internet”.
  9. If the device gets configured properly, your doorbell will be reconnected to your network and the doorbell should say “Ring doorbell is ready to go”.
  10. you can now test your device by making a call and test the audio or voice while standing at a distance from your doorbell.

Ring doorbell not working : Identify Problem with power

Insufficient Power may also cause Ring doorbell problems

Here are few symptoms that can help you guess, if the issue could be related to power:

  • if your Doorbell is regularly losing connection to your wifi network
  • If the device is regularly shutting off (the white light on the front will turn off)
  • Freezing up during a live event, it works only for few seconds and then gives up.
  • Not ringing your existing internal doorbell correctly
  • Night vision doesn’t work or very dark
  • Ring Pro works fine for a couple of events and then stops working

When you check device health, For Ring Pro the voltage needs to be listed as “Good” or  at least 3,900 mv, when you tap it. Try connecting the power cable to a different wall outlet or try a different power adapter if the power supply issue continues.


Ring doorbell not working: Incorrect installation

For your Ring Doorbell to work smoothly, always make sure the device is installed correctly. Depending on the Ring Doorbell model you have acquired, the installation process will vary with connections. Different models either need to be connected to an internal doorbell chime via a Ring Power Pro kit, or the device will come with a battery. When installing the Ring Power Pro Kit, ensure that both the wires are connected to the internal bell mechanism and that the screw is tightened. All the cable connections should be secured tightly and when you finally place the face plate it should be done properly. If the face plate is loose the Ring doorbell will not work, as it wont allow the device to perform the configuration process. Few customers, have fixed problems simply by reinstalling the face plate. Your doorbell should not be too far away from your router when you install it. For lower wifi signal and if you are looking to include chime, the easiest solution would be to buy the Ring Chime Pro, which includes a built-in Wi-Fi range extender, as well as gives you an external chime that has louder sound.


We hope this article helps users to address common issues for Ring doorbell not working or Ring doorbell offline errors. Last but not the least, when yo experience any feature problem, the best bet is to reset the device to factory settings be it your doorbell or camera .   Once devices is back to its factory settings, go for the setup again. To know how to enhance your home wifi network or for any assistance with Ring doorbell offline issues, please speak with Ring support. The common errors can be fixed quickly by determining the issue suing the device health check option and then troubleshoot accordingly. Keep your device software and firmware up to date for better functionality and latest features.



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