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Ring Camera Support : Instant, Innovative and Intelligent

Welcome to Ring camera support, our helpline is designed to assist end users with complete Ring camera support for setup services that includes all third party devices support as well. With the current situation, we have adopted this new portal for multiple device support in order to provide better end user experience for ring camera support mechanism. No matter, if the issue is with your camera, access device, network or any other device, Ring camera support will try to assist with single contact support policy for quick resolution. With the rising use of smart home and multi device setup, Ring has evolved itself to provide better support services by including multi device assistance in Ring camera support structure. Ring security cameras are currently one of the most renowned brands that people opt for and we are committed for equally well designed Ring camera support . Feel free to dial the Ring support number +1 530-455-9395 and we will be there to help. Customers can use any of the options from Ring phone support and Ring chat support, to get in touch with Ring support desk. Our camera support includes camera setup guides, networking and multi device integration assistance now as a part of our one stop solution program.

Ring camera Support phone number

When to contact Ring camera support?

The Ring camera support helpline offers complete assistance with Ring camera and accessories setup, troubleshooting and custom installation on request. If you need help with first time setup or facing any issues with your device or need help with third party device integrations, please contact Ring camera support. This is a dedicated Ring camera and accessories technical assistance desk. Please ensure to call Ring camera support desk when you are physically present at the camera location for quick resolution.

Ring camera setup guide: Quick overview

Here is a quick overview for camera setup for you to understand the basic procedure. Please understand the setup of ring camera on you phone or tablet remains same with location and installation being little different depending upon your camera model. Lets try to understand few basics for camera installation.

1 Area you want Ring camera to capture: This is very important and basic aspect of camera setup. You should fully understand the area coverage before starting the installation as it will help you to pick the right location and angle for your camera. It could be the main door, side walls or backyard that you want to secure, remember the front and sides coverage can be always be adjusted to an extent only.

2 Installing the camera hardware: All Ring camera and accessories come with the instruction manual with proper layout figures to help you with installation.Always follow the guides and ensure proper connections and fitment. Connect all the cables securely and power on the device to confirm proper power connectivity and once device is powered on follow the third steps on wards for setup.

3 Ring camera setup on phone: Here are the steps you need to follow to setup Ring camera on phone

Install the Ring App on you phone. On your mobile device, go to the App Store ( iOS devices) or the Play Store ( Android devices). Here download and install the ring app on your phone.

  • Follow the in-app instructions to create a new account if you are a new Ring user. Regular user can always login with his or her existing Ring account.
  • Now once logged in you need to tap on “Set Up a Device” then select “Security Cams.” option
  • It will now ask you to add the camera and can be done by scanning the QR code.
  • Point the camera on your smartphone at the QR code or MAC ID barcode on your Indoor Cam. When the code is recognized by system, a green square (for QR code) or a green line (MAC ID barcode) will appear, and the setup will proceed to the next step.
  • Next is to specify your location and enter your address for precise location.
  • Now you can select a specific name for your Ring Camera to distinguish it from other Ring devices on your account, in case you are going to use multiple cams.
  • Next step is to connect to ring device network, Android connects automatically here and for IOS tap “join”. You can manually connect by navigating to wifi contentions and will see ring network.
  • Connect to your home wifi now , make sure you are near the router during setup and know the wifi password.
  • After connecting to your wifi network, your Indoor Cam will look for any available updates for its internal software. While performing an  Ring software update, the light on the front of your device will flash blue. When the blue light stops flashing, you can tap “Continue” in the Ring app and begin using your Camera.

What can go wrong during ring camera setup?

Ring cam setup is pretty easy but sometimes it may fail due to some underlying networking or software issues, but ring camera support is there to assist. In general it is the network, passwords, software of phone and camera and IP factors which hamper the setup. In any technical problem scenario, support is there to assist and we are offering multi device assistance for all product integrations, which enables us to serve better customer experience. So, no matter what tech issue is stopping you from camera access or setup, Ring camera support will be ready to assist. With multi device setup, like Amazon Alexa and smart home devices setup, we cover everything and provide one stop solution for all kind of camera arming scenarios permissible from the back end. Few customers do find it difficult to customize the cameras or may not be able to use some advance features due to the setup glitches or software compatibility issues. The networking issues which most of the times disrupt Ring camera setup, you will be offered complete assistance by our networking experts via phone, chat and email.

Benefits of Ring Security Cameras: Ring camera support guide

  • When you are purchasing ring cameras, you will get the smartest and technically advanced features, which is comparatively the best selection from the market. Our Ring camera support ensures timely connectivity with our customers and is ready to do over and above for good customer experience.
  • The affordability of ring cameras is also one of the main benefits. Apart from that, when you purchase a set of ring cameras, you will get some extra discount. Plus, you get complete device setup assistance, offered by none other.
  • And one of the most attractive benefits is its way of bestowing instant ring troubleshooting services with simple query registration. Click here for Ring customer support phone number.

Is ring camera support service 24/7?

When you are searching for ring support services, you will look at the availability according to your schedule and for customer satisfaction all of our services are 7 days open. As far as the support factor is considered, with ring cameras there is nothing to worry because we are now offering total support, that means everything permissible you want to hook up with your camera, ring support is there to assist. Our support experts are available all 7 days providing the best resolutions for every technical issues you may come across.

How to get Ring support service?

There will be many unfortunate moments of technical failures or glitches, where you need professional help to find any kind of technical issues with ring cameras., Let it be any issue hampering your camera functionality, ring support is there and just a phone call away. So there is nothing to worry when you have hassle-free ring support services waiting for you 24*7. Ring camera support is available via phone phone +1 530-455-9395, chat and email. For immediate assistance, it is better to call support instead of waiting for email reply. Ring chat option is also available 24/7 and you can simply click on the chat icon on bottom right corner to get started.

Steps to get ring support service:

There are two ways of getting support service from ring employees:

  • Online Ring Support- in this case, you can find your step by step guidance for any technical error in the form of blogs or FAQs on our site. Apart from that, you can also chat with us on the live chat process of Ring available on its official site and answer your queries from our technical support team.
  • Physical Ring Support- you would also need physical assistance for solving your Ring technical errors when it is a significant problem that is not solved from any of our step-by-step guidance from online browser support. In such a case, you need to register your situation with a ring tech support phone number.

How can you book us for physical assistance?

Generally, the ring security cameras get those technical errors fixed by simple steps available on the online portal of Ring. But in some situations, the technical error is because of powerful hardware that is only fixed with the ring technical support team’s help.

Follow these steps to book us now:

  • You can book us for a physical visit to your place in two ways: a live chat option or calling process.
  • Either you can visit the official site of the Ring and check the live chat section to register your complaint.
  • Aur you could find the phone number for ring support and contact us directly.


In this article, we have enlightened you with every bit of information that it attracts people towards ring cameras and how the ring camera support services will benefit you once you purchase the camera.

For more such information, please visit our site as we believe in providing you with 100% customer satisfaction which is only possible with instant resolution and profitable features of Ring!!