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Set up Ring video doorbell : Latest edition guide

The process to set up Ring video doorbell is not like a regular doorbell – it does not require wiring your existing system. Basically, to set up Ring video doorbell, one do not need advance tech knowledge, so it is also called DIY set up. Installation and set up of Ring Video Doorbell is relatively quick and easy, as it involves screwing into a bracket and then connecting it to your Ring App. To perform the installation and setup of Ring doorbell, select the appropriate place to put up brackets for good area coverage as this is the most important factor. Second you need good network to keep it connected with your Phone Ring App for 24/7 connectivity. We are going to discuss the important things that you need to know for proper installation and set up of your Ring video doorbell. If you have already tried everything and still need help please speak to Ring video doorbell support

Let’s Get Started: Set Up Ring Video Doorbell

To install and then set up Ring video doorbell is an effortless process. If you freshly got this smart video doorbell, check the steps below to make the device operate properly. All you need is the doorbell security system itself, a smartphone, and a Wi-Fi connection. Please ensure you have good wi-fi signal strength where you want to install the doorbell. We recommend using wi-fi range extenders in case of poor network. You can also have a look at the Ring doorbell setup guide images here to know more. Lets walk you through the basic steps to Set Up Ring Video Doorbell

How to Set up Ring video doorbell: Quick process overview

Set up Ring video doorbell: Ring doorbell installation guide

Install App for Ring Doorbell:

Unlike most other devices, which need to be installed first and then the application setup is final, ring doorbell is another method. You must first set the ring doorbell using the app, which is available for iOS and Android. If you are going to reuse the Ring doorbell after a gap , make sure you have the updated version of Ring app on your phone or tablet before you begin to set up ring video doorbell. Download the Ring App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by searching for Ring Video Doorbell. Install the App and accept to give give required permissions as asked by the App during installation process. Launch the app and click on the Setup Device button to start the Set up Ring video doorbell. Find detailed instructions on how to install a Ring doorbell .

The steps to set up ring video doorbell includes, Install Ring app and connect device with network via App, then install the doorbell on the wall and ensure good wifi signal for good connectivity.

Follow this Manual Guide: When you Set up Ring video doorbell

Creating a Ring account

To set up Ring video doorbell you would require a Ring account before hand, as your device will be accessible via App or account only. You can create account using the computer by going to this Ring account creation webpage ( click to open link). But here we are going to discuss about account creation and Ring doorbell setup via App, So open app and it will take you yo login screen, click create new account on the bottom. Then follow the on-screen guidance to create a new account. This includes entering your first and last name, your country, email address and a password.

Set up Ring video doorbell : Create Ring account before you begin the physical setup process
To set up Ring video doorbell Create Ring account first

Once account is created , login and click on Add device

Select Your Ring Device OR Scan QR Code To Set Up Ring Doorbell

After you create the account, Ring App will give you the on screen option to add device. The first option is to select your device type, so select the Ring device you are setting up, which will be a video doorbell here.

Ring doorbell set up wizard : Ring doorbell support

You can also locate the QR code in the Quick Start Guide that came with the ring device. Scan the the Code now and when the green line or green box appears above or around the code, you can proceed to the next step.

Ring video doorbell setup guide images to scan QR code

(NOTE: You can give a name to your ring doorbell by a tap on “Custom”)

Allow Your Location:

If this is your first time installing a ring device, you will get a notification from your phone that the Ring app wants to use your phone’s location services to indicate your location. Allowing the application to do this will help input your address. You need to allow this and also allow any other permission the App asks to function properly on your phone.

Set up Ring video doorbell : Allow location for features of Ring doorbell

Turn on the Setup Mode:

Now it’s time to put your ring doorbell into setup mode. To perform this, press and release the orange button on the back of your ring video doorbell. When there is a white light in front of your ring video doorbell, hit on the “Continue” button in your ring app.

Set up Ring video doorbell : How to enable setup mode

Connect Your Phone with Ring Wi-Fi Network:

If you are an IOS user, on IOS devices, go to Settings and then click on Wi-Fi and then tap on Ring Wi-Fi Network, connect your device to Ring network now.
If you’re using Android, swipe down from the top of your screen, tap Wi-Fi, then tap Ring Wi-Fi Network. You will see Ring network and connect to this network. You need to connect your access device which is your phone to the ring network.

Set up Ring video doorbell : How to connect Ring doorbell to wifi image illustration

Connect Your Device to Wi-Fi:

Once you are connected to the access device or phone device to the Ring network, go back to the Ring application. Now here it will give you the option to connect to to wireless network, and you need to select your home Wi-Fi network from the list and enter the password. It may take some time to connect to your home Wi-Fi network, depending on your network strength and stability, so wait for the device to configure network settings . Now the basic set up of your Ring video doorbell is complete, where your device is hooked up to the wifi or network via Ring App. Follow the steps given next for installing the Ring doorbell now to complete the set up of your doorbell. Access the link given above for complete guide or just follow the steps give in the next section.

Installation of Ring video Doorbell:

  • After the ring doorbell setup is done via Ring App, you must install the device on the wall and position it, so that you can start using it to receive alerts and record videos.
  • You can start by removing the orange sticker covering the mounting plate. Then place the mounting plate on the wall where you want the ring doorbell. Use the level too to properly align your device and it is recommended to put it 4 ft above the ground level for better view. This is technically the later part For the Ring video doorbell set up, it equally matters to position your doorbell perfectly.
  • Connect the plate to the wall using the screws provided using your power drill. Tighten the screws properly and put the face plate back on now.
  • Now, this is good, and now you can start using your ring doorbell. From here you can start the customization of settings and features of your Ring video doorbell.

Instructions & Process to set up Ring video doorbell on IOS deviceHow to set up Ring video doorbell: Guide for IOS and Android

To Set up Ring Doorbell: Guide For IOS Users:

To set up Ring video Doorbell Wi-Fi Setup
1. Download the Ring App and create account. Select the device you want to set up as Ring video doorbell.

2.On your Ring App now you will see the prompt to put the device into setup mode. Now press the orange button located on the back of the device. You will see the “LED ring spin white” on the front of your Ring Video Doorbell, means device is in setup mode. Refer the picture given belowHow to Enable set up mode to set up Ring video doorbell

3. When prompted go to your device wifi settings and connect to the temporary network that starts with Ring-*****. Once connected to the Ring network, lets return to the Ring app and select Continue and now connect to your home network. The device once connected would launch firmware update if available.

Set Up Ring video doorbell :  Android device

The entire process remains same with the Android device as given above, and in the 3rd step you don’t have to connect manually to ring network, it connects automatically and you can proceed with accepting a call.  However if the Ring doorbell fails to connect please try below given steps to setup ring video doorbell on your Android device.

1.Before you try to reconnect or retry Wi-Fi setup, please go to the Wi-Fi Settings screen on your Android device. This your phone or tablet settings
2. Find the list of available Wi-Fi networks that your Android device can connect with and if you see a network labeled Ring-xxxxxx, click on the network and when prompted, choose Forget Network.
3. Now Go to the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings screen and lets try to locate the option Scanning Always Available. Please make sure this
option status is turned Off.
4. Now please find the option labeled: Auto Switch to Mobile Network. Make sure this option is On. Try reconnecting and it should work just fine and proceed with reset of the setup process for your Doorbell.

If you face any trouble connecting doorbell via Ring App follow Ring troubleshooting guide to speak to Ring support for help now.

Accepting a call : Set up Ring doorbell tips

Now when your are done with the basic setup of Ring video doorbell lets start using it or test to see if it is working properly or no? Your Ring doorbell and the Ring App must communicate real time and should let you accept call from the visitor on your mobile device. Here is the process to test or check and see if the doorbell setup is okay and performing as intended.

1: Lets begin by Pressing the front button on the Ring Video Doorbell and LED Ring will spin blue. It means your doorbell is connecting to your phone now.

2 : You will receive a notification on the phone, click on the notification and it should take you to Ring App and you will be able to see the live view. Now the doorbell has successfully notified and processed the live feed to your access device.

3: when you see the live video feed, it will show you the call screen option to accept or decline the call. Press the Accept button to answer the call and you will have the live view and can talk to the visitor. However, if you press decline button, the visitor will not know you chose to decline the call. This completes your basic setup and establishes device communication with your Ring app.

Now lets Test the Audio :Test the Ring Video Doorbell’s audio at a distance from the doorbell to avoid feedback or take the help of a family member to test voice/audio.

MOTION DETECTION: Set up Ring Video Doorbell

Motion detection is one the important setting after you are done with basic set up of Ring doorbell as it can give you correct notification and avoid unnecessary alerts being generated by camera after picking up motion.

1: To access the Motion Detection Settings, launch Ring App and go to the Device Dashboard and then click on Motion Settings.
2: Now you need to Select Zones and Range to specify the detected locations and distance of all motion events only for the zones that are enabled.
3: Select Smart Alert repeated or continuous motion or something that happens regularly in the view area of Doorbell (e.g. kids are playing).


You may like to store the video recordings from your Ring Doorbell for that specific times, and lets see how you can enable this option. With the first time setup of Ring Video Doorbell, customers enjoys a one month free trial of Cloud Video Recording with their purchase. Once the free trial ends, you’ll be able to enjoy 6 months of recordings for just $3/month or $30/annually. Remember to opt out if you don’t need this. It is end users choice to opt in or no however, the user can always access the videos from the phone or access device anytime.

You can view your Ring Video Doorbell recordings directly from your Ring App (iOS or Android by clicking on the chevron symbol (>) next to each individual event. You can download recordings in Mp4 format directly to your phone to share with your friends and family, and keep an important one safe on your phone computer or disk drive. It is entirely upto the customer to decide if the paid cloud video recording is required or no. 

Common Issues With Ring video Doorbell SetupHow to set up ring video doorbell : instructions guide for setup and troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Common Issues while trying to Set up Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Trying to setup Ring video doorbell pro, But wont connect to wifi

This can happen due to multiple underlying issues, which can be with the doorbell itself or the network. Please follow the detailed troubleshooting for Ring door bell here. Still lets see common factors that may prevent your doorbell from connecting with network.

Poor Wifi Signal at that Location: The Ring video doorbell and app wont be able to connect with weak wifi signal. To increase the signal strength, try placing the router closer to the device. And you could try buying a repeater or a booster for your Wi-Fi router to increase its range. The poor network speed can also be the reason an you can test your network speed here. Try to resolve the poor signal or speed issues before you proceed further as it will be a continuous failure with the devices in future.

Wrong Wifi or Network Password: Always double check your password to confirm you are using the right one and try again.If you have access to router page you can always get the right password from there to even setup a new one. As an alternate option, you could change your Wi-Fi password temporarily and remove any special characters from it.

Your Wifi Network is Hidden may be: Click on the “Add Hidden Network” option during the setup, and key in the name of your network, exactly as it is. You can also access your router settings page and change the settings there to make your network visible.

Battery and Power Issues with Doorbell: Your Ring Doorbell needs power source that can supply power at a minimum of 16 Volts. Anything less than this benchmark will cause the device to not function properly and it wont connect or setup properly.

Router channel set to 12-13: Ring Doorbells do not support channels 12 or 13. However, they can connect to all the other available channels. This might be the reason your network failed to connect or even show up

Check if network is working properly: Please check that your network works properly, try connecting any other device to the same network at that location and see if it works. At times, customers report issue with Ring device but it turns out to be a network failure, so make sure to check that other devices connected to the same network are working properly.

Reset your Ring Doorbell: After having checked the above factors, if your device is still facing problems connecting to Wi-Fi, reset your ring device to factory settings. You can do this by pressing and holding the orange button on the backside of the doorbell. This resets the device to its factory settings, allowing you to start the whole setup process all over again.

Now here, if you still need further help you can talk to Ring doorbell support team for further help and the support team can help you resolve the issues. It is mandatory that you call Ring doorbell support while you have access to devices for live diagnostics and quick solution to the problem. Ring support can assist you

Power related issues that can fail Ring video doorbell setup

Issue that can show up due to power related problems with Ring video doorbell pro. If you’re experiencing some of the following issues, it indicates an issue with power supply: You can try rebooting the device and update the firmware to see if it resolves issue. For any help to Set Up Ring Video Doorbell, talk to support for best solutions.

  • Regularly losing connection to your wifi network
  • Freezing up or shutting down during the ringtone sound after a button press.
  • Regularly shutting off (the white light on the front will turn off)
  • Freezing up during a live event
  • Not ringing your existing internal doorbell correctly
  • Night vision doesn’t work
  • Ring Pro works fine for a couple of events and then stops working

In order to resolve such issue the best fix for power issues is to bypass your video doorbell with a Pro Power Kit V2. However, if  you don’t want to bypass your doorbell mechanism, consider upgrading your transformer. When purchasing a transformer, we recommend choosing one with at least 16 volts AC and at least 30 volt-amps (40 VA max) and 50/60Hz. To Set Up Ring Video Doorbell without any power issues ,we recommend checking the power supply right at the start.

What to Do if  Ring Video Doorbell Pro Goes Offline

Troubleshoot device offline problems duuring set up ring video doorbell

Just like any other device that connects with network, it is possible that your Ring Video Doorbell Pro may also lose its connection to your Wifi network. Lets have a look, where and how the Ring Pro can lose its connection and what to do if this occurs.  Generally when you are not able to communicate with doorbell through the app, it means it has gone offline but not every time it is a thing to worry about. If the set up of ring video doorbell has been performed well, it works well, lets see what can make it offline.

  • A power surge with your internet router may disconnect doorbell pro from router.
  • You temporarily lose power or insufficient power supply of doorbell pro. 
  • A wire in your router or doorbell setup temporarily comes loose, wear and tear issues.To Set Up Ring Video Doorbell In one go the cables and connections should be properly intact,
  • The other most common reason is if You or someone in your family have changed the wifi password being used by the doorbell.
Troubleshooting the Ring doorbell pro offline

Ring doorbell going offline once in a while is not a matter of worry as the devices do update automatically and sometimes it can get disconnected. However, if your Ring doorbell goes offline every now and then, it indicates a problem which needs to be addressed. Your Ring doorbell can go offline due to network issues, doorbell firmware or software related issues. First of all , you need to verify that the issue is related to a wifi or network connectivity. Now, to check your Ring Doorbell’s internet connection, follow the below given steps

  1. You will have to open the Ring app
  2. Now select your Ring Doorbell
  3. And tap on the option Device Health.

If your Ring Doorbell Pro is offline, it will say “Offline” under the Network header.  So now we need to figure out the possible point of failure with the wireless network. If your Network has poor signal see the best ways to improve your home wifi network signal strength.

Once it is determined that wi-fi connectivity is the reason for device offline, try the following steps to set up ring video door bell again:

  • First we need to check that all of your cables and wires are properly plugged in and that all the lights on the front of the router are green.
  • Check to see if another wi-fi device on the same network is having a problem connecting to the network. If yes, troubleshoot to fix network problem first. Unplug your router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. See if your Ring Doorbell automatically reconnects.
  • Turn off the power to your Ring Pro at the breaker box for 30 seconds, then turn it back on. See if your Ring Doorbell automatically reconnects. Allow couple of minutes for your device to reconnect, if no proceed to next step
  • Press the side button on the Ring Pro to put the device in Setup mode. Wait 10 seconds, then press it again and see if the set up Ring video doorbell resumes or Ring Doorbell automatically reconnects. If it fails change the channel number of your wifi to 11 on router settings page and try again.
  • If all else fails, check to make sure your Ring Pro is getting sufficient power. if you fail to set up Ring video doorbell, talk to support for further diagnostics. You can also reset Ring doorbell to its factory settings, learn Ring doorbell reset process here
  • Go near the doorbell and on your phone test the network speed at that location and also check the signal strength. Check the results and if your speed is very low the devices wont be able to sustain the connectivity, Make alternate arrangements to fix the network strength and speed and then try to set up Ring video doorbell again.
  • If the network speed and signal strength is good, perform Ring doorbell factory reset, change your wireless password, power cycle your router and try to reconnect. If it again fails, there might be an issue with the doorbell software itself or network settings, and you need to talk to support for help. You can also look for Ring wireless troubleshooting guide here

Speak with support to set up Ring video doorbell & further help: +1 530-455-9395. To resolve problems with installation and set up of Ring video Doorbell you can also use the Ring support live chat support option.

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