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Looking for Ring camera support, camera installation or device setup assistance, ring support is just a phone call away.  Now you can avail the camera installation support along with other device integrations with Ring security system. This is dedicated Ring support desk which provides third party device integration support with all Ring security system during installation and setup. Ring camera support is there to assist for any setup issues and device integrations. Ring support offers complete support assistance for camera and doorbell setup and third party device integrations that you may like to add. For any queries related to access device please refer to ring camera guides to find out information specific to the model you own. For Ring Software setup issues on your phone or other access devices, please use the chat option to communicate with ring support or call us from a different phone. Please follow the Ring support guidelines to connect with customer support or when you need live help, it is recommended that customers should be physically present at the installation site. The Ring support services can be accessed via Ring support phone desk or web chat window and the email support is available 24/7 for Ring Camera Setup. Please follow the Ring support link to resolve common camera issues  Ring camera troubleshooting 

Ring Support for new camera setup: Ring camera setup guide

Ring support: Ring Camera and Doorbell

Our Ring support has designed complete camera setup guides that you need to make your world more secure. Contact support for help with any of your Ring products and other devices you may want to use with Ring. Our Ring support is offering total support for new device onsite installation that includes networking and smart devices setup.


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Mail :-
OR Call us:+1-530 455-9395

Customers can also use the web chat option blue button on the bottom right corner to start conversation with support experts. For simple queries or more information on product please use the ring contact form and describe your query in short and we will revert asap.

Handy support links for Ring Camera setup

Download Ring App: Please use this link to download the Ring app on your mobile devices. Below are the Ring app download links for Apple and Android devices.



Downloading the Ring App on Your Mobile Device

If you are just looking to download the ring app, please click this link:  and it will automatically begin downloading the correct version for your operating system. If there is any problem installing the apps, please dial the Ring support phone +1 530-455-9395 immediately.

Please note: Desktop apps not supporting new devices.

Ring Windows and Mac and desktop apps are no longer receiving updates for new devices and features. We regret to inform that currently the scope of support is not available for these features.

Unsupported devices and features for Windows and Mac operating system include the following features from ring:

  • Video end-to-end encryption
  • The Wired Video Doorbell
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
  • Ring Video Doorbell 4
  • Linking Amazon account
  • Geo fencing

Customers are requested to note that while certain features and products are no longer supported by the (computer) desktop apps, the apps will continue to receive all critical security and functionality updates.

Updating the Firmware For Your Ring Devices

This is a actually a regular software update released for better functionality and addition of new features for Ring cameras. Please follow this Ring Firmware update link to know the steps. Get in touch with Ring support for any issues with device software or Ring firmware update.

Ring Alarm setup assistance from Ring support

Get help with your Ring Alarm kit and accessories, new device setup or general troubleshooting. You can also find support on setting up, monitoring, permits, customized settings and integrating with Amazon Alexa and more such smart devices for home security enhancements.

App Support for new camera and products

You need the Ring App on your smartphone, tablet, or computer to access the camera feed. With Ring app you can take complete control of your home’s security.  Ring app support team is there to assist for any type of Ring app issues on your devices, as some times the updates and compatibility can disrupt the functioning. Click here to get all the Ring app technical help- contact Ring support.