Are you having Wi-Fi trouble with your ring cameras? Check the troubleshooting steps here

The ring is one of the most in-demand and on-trend brands for cameras and smart devices. It has been constantly evolving itself to bring something new for the customers to improve their security level for both residential and commercial properties.

Ring not connecting to wifi ? : How To Fix Wifi Issues

At times, you may see your Ring device not connecting to wifi. when there is a networking problem with Ring device. It could be during first time setup or a random issue with wireless networking, when Ring not connecting to wifi can disrupt your security. Customers are looking to upgrade the security system, that bring multi device complex networking for these devices to communicate with each other. At some point, with inclusion of multi device set up there can be some problems as well, and the Ring troubleshooting guide is there, providing relevant resolution for every kind of technical error. On the same note, here we are going to discuss about the scenarios for Ring WiFi problems, Like Ring not connecting to wifi, which is also one of the most common issue with security cameras set up system. Ring not connecting to WiFi, always try reboot of device, Wifi range boosting, assigning IP address and if it fails go for ring factory defaults and try again. These are basic steps, which we will discuss in detail to resolve Ring camera wifi problems. The Ring not connecting to wifi issues are categorized in simple way to identify the root cause and then guide you to resolve issues instantly. However, few issues may need an advance Ring camera troubleshooting help and our Ring camera support team is there to assist.

Ring not connecting to wifi : Ring camera wifi troubleshooting guide from Ring support

Ring Camera wifi Troubleshooting Guide

Ring wireless cameras do undergo this particular technical errors, and  there could be several reasons for your ring not connecting to wifi, and that is exactly what we are discussing here. Please follow this Ring camera wifi troubleshooting guide steps, that will certainly help you understand the root cause of your problem and adopt the appropriate fix for it. Remember the troubleshooting for Ring not connecting to wifi includes, reboot, power cycle, network settings change, network range/strength boosting and factory reset of device, that you can try to resolve common Ring wifi camera connectivity issues.

How to determine the Ring not connecting to wifi, malfunction is related to network only

Now, you may experience different kind of issues with your Ring camera and all these may or may not be related to Wifi. For example, the camera going off automatically or power issues are not linked to wifi. Ring camera troubleshooting guide can explain you how to differentiate these issues an isolate a wifi related problem with ease and determine, why is your ring not connecting to wifi or facing network issues? If you are facing connectivity issues with any other device as well, then it could be network itself. However if issue is specific to ring device, it can be a software glitch or router settings issues for the Ring device IP.

In case of Wi-Fi issues, when you see ring not connecting to wifi, your Ring camera primarily will show connectivity issues like delayed notifications, wifi setup failure, high power drainage, random network disconnect, problem updating with Ring App, problem with live view, problem accessing videos, etc. If you have trouble viewing cameras on app or on remote access it can be a configuration related issue and not a wifi issue alone. Lets see some of the common issues in Ring camera wifi troubleshooting guide. For Ring not connecting to wifi and related issues, you need to determine other factors which are mentioned below before you reset camera or doorbell.

Ring device not connecting to wireless: common point of failure and Fix

  • Router output or power related issues:

    So whenever there are Wi-fi problems, check router output and power first, as due to the error with your router signal strength, the Wi-Fi connectivity won’t sustain. The first thing you must do is to check that the Wi-Fi router, as well as the device, if it is connected properly to the power socket and the connecting wires are in a good condition of transmitting the signal. If there is a problem with the power supply of router, then you would certainly need replace cables or to call the electricians (for complex wiring only). As router itself wont be able to sustain the connection, making you experience ring not connecting to wifi, you can try connecting another device to confirm router functionality before trying more steps. The router or modem should have the status and internet LED lit all the time. The best way is to confirm router functionality is to check if you are experiencing wifi connectivity on other devices too.

  • Ring not connecting to wifi due to Network  Low Signal Strength:

    The next thing you should do is to check the Wi-Fi network frequency (range) as well as test the network speed and to do that you can also directly open the Google internet speed calculator and see whether it is available in the required capacity or not? If the answer is no then you need to solve the Wi-Fi range issue. Poor signal strength can also be resolved by installing wifi range extenders or repeaters. It may not be possible to move the router but repeaters can resolve the issue. Remember, you should check the signal strength right up to the device installation point and not near by.

  • Check the Internet speed, when Ring not connecting to wifi

    A Good Internet speed is very important while establishing connection with Ring device. During connection your Ring devices and apps will measure of how fast your wireless network uploads and downloads data. If either or both of those functions are too slow, your Ring app won’t be able to process data from your Ring devices to the required level and may decline that network. That’s why it’s important to test your internet speed in the area around your Ring device. Ring not connecting to wifi : Network speed test to check the internet speed

    Now lets see how you can test your internet speed. Please read and do the following steps:

    1 Bring your mobile device to the area where your Ring device is installed. It is very important to check the network speed and  signal strength at the same location, as signal strength in the house or office varies with location.

    • Lets open any Web browser (chrome, mozilla etc) on your mobile device and in the top search bar type this address or click here to go to
    • Now you need to click on the Start button in the center of the gauge to start the test. After the test is done, look at the small table under the orange gauge a shown in picture above. The green number in the first column is the download speed. The blue number in the second column is the upload speed. Please click the link below to understand what are the values you need to determine good connection.

      Understanding RSSI Values and Wireless Signal Strength


  • Wifi signals are weakened by obstructions:

    This is an ignored scenario with general troubleshooting for your ring not connecting to wifi. Please remember your walls, furniture and electrical appliances block wifi signals. when setting up camera try to reduce such wireless network interference to improve performance. Please  try the following steps to resolve it. If your wifi router is inside a cabinet/closet, move it out into the open. Do bring it closer to ring device, if problems persist after you have tried other ring camera troubleshooting steps. Move your wifi router to a room that is closer to your Ring products, if it is possible, else use range extenders. As an alternate, to wifi range extenders, you can also add Ring Chime Pro or a mesh networking system to extend your wifi network. Please select the extender option which ever suits you, as the device needs only good connectivity and compatibility.

  • Out dated Router firmware:

    The next reason behind your ring not connecting to wifi and the wi-fi error could be the outdated firmware. Your router might be running on old firmware which declines to add and handle multiple devices now. The firmware can be updated by visiting the OEM site or use this link to understand the router update process. So kindly check that your Ring mobile application as well as the device itself is updated with the latest version on not. If not then kindly update it or take help from your ISP or Ring support desk. So it is very important to keep all your devices updated, best way is to set auto update for all and the system will take care of the future updates.

  • Ring Device not connecting to wifi because of internal software error

    This could be another reason which will restrict your Ring camera or doorbell from establishing wi-fi connection. The Ring device has its own inbuilt software and firmware, which allows your device to function. Sometimes this software could get corrupted due to some glitch or update patch installation errors. Always check your device health in the Ring App section to determine the reason of the issues. The best way to fix these internal software issues is to reset your Ring camera or doorbell to factory settings. This will wipe out any changes or modifications done and take the settings back to its original state.

  • DHCP issues for your ring not connecting to wifi :

    When Your Ring not connecting with Wifi, it can be a IP address conflict as well. Ring camera troubleshooting can help you detect IP issues in one simple steps: If your device fails to get recognized during setup when your router and network is working fine, it may be because of IP address conflict. Your router may not be set to automatically assign Ip or when setting up old camera the old ip is getting picked up by default. Always set your router to assign IP automatically by adjusting DHCP settings on router.

  • Adjust your router channel: 

    Wireless networks utilize different channels for communication. The 2.4 GHz band uses channels 1-11 within the United States and 1-13 in some other countries. The 5 GHz band utilizes select channels through 36 and channel 165. In some cases, setting up your Ring device(s) can fail due to wireless interference or congestion. During the camera set up if you see error, that the network cannot be found or is too far away when connecting devices to the 2.4 GHz frequency, it could be due to this congestion. We recommend switching your router’s channel to 1, 6, or 11 as they do not overlap other channels. You can go to wifi settings on router software page and change the channel there.

    • We recommend using the 2.4 ghz first and then try the other. Cameras work fine on 2.4 You can also try to change the name of your 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz networks to differentiate and help the device to pick up network without any conflicts.
    • When you are experiencing setup problems, poor audio and/or video quality, or delays with notifications, please try wifi analyzer apps for Android devices, or default given within your router, to evaluate channels with most congestion. For further assistance with this or Ring camera troubleshooting you can speak to Ring camera support.
  • Create a DHCP reservation for ring device: If your ring not connecting to wifi

    A DHCP reservation is assigning permanent IP address for the use of one Ring device. Once it is done that Ip gets reserved for your device and cannot be used for any other device. This can be done by ssing the Mac ID listed on the back of your Ring device or on the packaging box. Remember, you create a DHCP reservation or IP reservation to make sure, that every time your Ring device connects to that particular router, it will be given the same address. If you change the router you ahve do do this steps again. we recommend auto DHCP to curtail technical work for customers.Ring camera not connecting to wifi: Enable DHCP settings on router

  • Sometimes your phone may not be able to connect to Ring network during setup which is a wifi in itself. During inital phase you are required to use Ring network before connecting to wifi and here you will have to either connect manually or change wifi settings of your device.
  • Factory Reset your Ring device: The last things that you can try is to perform and factory reset for your ring device. Follow the manual instructions see the Ring camera troubleshoot guide to see how to reset ring camera. Now, if the problem is still there, might be it is a fault with your setup, which requires expert attention. In such scenarios, you need to call Ring support and speak to us directly on the technical support number +1 530-455-9395 or via Live Chat.
  • Wireless Network password modifications: If your ring not connecting to wifi

    The Ring device won’t connect to wifi due to password related issues as well. Sometimes, it is possible that the wifi password has been changed and you are not aware of it, so reconfirm the password when Ring device fails to connect with wifi. Some users may have very long and complex passwords and the device may fail to configure it during setup. It has been noticed that with minor changes to your network password the problems can be fixed. Try to use a simple 8 character password without too many special characters and see if your Ring device reconnects with network. You can also remove password and then try to connect, once connection is established setup new password and reconnect. This particular modification to wireless network has resolved Ring not connecting to wifi issues for many customers.

Now we know the basic steps to resolve wifi issues, Lets see some other scenarios for Ring not connecting to wifi and the steps to resolve those issues

Ring Support Logo

Ring not Connecting to wifi or Ring Network During Set Up?

When you are trying the first time setup of your ring device, it ask you to connect your access device to Ring network. The Ring network is a designated temporary access point that customer can use while setting up a Ring device, before connecting the device to your home or office wifi network. It is a part of setup process, where after connecting to your home wifi network it disconnects automatically. If you experience Ring not connecting to wifi during initial setup or temp ring network, try this.

There are couple of very easy to work with troubleshooting steps we can follow in order to connect to the Ring network:

  1. For Apple devices, when your Ring not connecting to wifi or Ring network, reboot your Apple device and try to connect.
  2. Adjust the Smart Network Switch on your Android phone, it helps you to switch to network easily. Android phones users should allow all permissions asked by the App during installation for successful configuration.
  3. Try set up on a different mobile device to see if the Ring not connecting to wifi issue, related to particular device only. It could be a device settings issue as well, which can prevent ring connection to wifi. If it works fine on  the other device the issues is with your first mobile device. Once can also try resetting the the wireless settings on the phone after which the Ring camera not connecting to wifi issue gets resolved most of the times.
  4. For Apple devices you need to change mobile/cellular data setting on an Apple device and also change Wi-Fi Settings on Apple device.
  5. To turn off cellular data, first push the home button on your iPhone (pro-iPhone X) or iPad. Go to settings and tap the toggle to the right of the Cellular Data label to turn Cellular Data off.
  6. Now try the Ring camera setup and then turn on the data. You can also change wifi settings to ask ( mobile device settings), before connecting to any network so that network pops up to connect with. Further, if still your Ring device wont connect with your wifi , you need to speak to Ring support for help.

    If Ring device is not connecting to Home Wifi?

  7. The steps we discussed above should be followed for Ring not connecting to wifi troubleshooting
  8. Make sure you have the correct password and are entering it exactly, This is a common failure and make sure you have the correct password.
  9. Please check the compatibility of your device with network, that your device is 5 Ghz compatible Ring device if you’re connecting to a 5 Ghz network, else use the 2.4 Ghz network only.
  10. If the SSID or network names are similar the device may attempt to connect to wrong ssid and try to change the ssid as an alternate step.

Ring Doorbell Camera Setup Guide

Doorbell: Ring not connecting to wifi

Ring Doorbell Support: ring doorbell not connecting to wifi

Ring video doorbell : Ring not connecting to wifi, How to fix it!

The basic structure for troubleshooting remains the same but here are few steps that you should try on you own to fix Ring doorbell wifi connectivity problems.

1. Please double check that the Wi-fi network you are trying to connect to, it needs to be 2.4 Ghz network. The Ring doorbell only works with 2.4 Ghz, unless you have the Ring Pro. Make sure you are using the correct password. Run the internet speed test to make sure you are getting good internet at that location.

2.  Also you need to check your Wi-Fi is on channel 1 – 11 as Ring does not support 12 or 13 channels.  This is a very reasonable step to follow, but in general most wifi are set to 11 or 6 in general.But just in case if it is a channel issue rest of the troubleshooting wont resolve the issues.

3. If your Wi-Fi is on channel 11 or 12 change it to a channel 1 – 11. You will need to connect to your hub/routers admin page to change the channel – Check you OEM manual or website for further instructions . Make sure DHCP is set to auto

4. Press the orange button on the reverse of Ring for 30 seconds – this is a factory reset and broke the loop of ‘unable to join’ and allows you to start the process again form scratch and should help you fix Ring not connecting to wifi issue.

5. Your Ring Video Door Bell should now see you Wi-Fi network and you can continue setup But if the problem comes up again power cycle your router and modem and try again. Check the detailed guide for Ring doorbell not working here

Conclusion: Your Ring device may not connect with wifi, due to several reasons, which could be with the access device, wireless settings, network speed, Range and Router. Trying the Ring device health check option gives you a basic idea to determine the issues and then troubleshoot accordingly. For any assistance from Ring support you can dial +1 530-455-9395 Mon to Friday. Please call support when you are physically present at the the location for accurate diagnostics.

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