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Enhance The Security Of Your House With Premium Security Solutions By Ring

We at Ring always aim to secure your house with our state-of-art innovations. We build products to give you all-round security at affordable prices. Our top-notch products not only help you by saving your house from intrusions, but it also helps you to monitor your property in and out to avert potential dangers. For the installation of products, as our 24/7 customer support helpline will help you install the product with no assistance from any third party, we won’t let any pandemic thwart us from delivering our customers. This will cost you less and you help us establish a better relationship with you.


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Our Support Services

Video Doorbells

Video Doorbells

At Ring, we aim to help you have a safer place for your family. This starts at the door of your house. The video doorbells serve as splendid tools for keeping your home in check. Now the safety of your house is available at your fingertips. You would be notified by our video doorbells whenever a visitor arrives at your doorsteps. This gives you control over your house’s entry even when you are not at home.

Security cams

Security Cams

With increasing crimes, security cameras have become a necessity these days. With our security cameras, you will get the overall protection of your house. We provide you indoor as well as outdoor cameras that require minimal space and hence go unnoticed. The cameras are equipped with motion sensors to detect even the slightest movement, which is notified to you on your smartphone.

Security System

Security System

Now don’t worry about any unauthorized intrusion in your property with the help of our security systems. With these security systems, your house will be safe from break-ins, fire or smoke, and additional emergency support services. We at Ring, not only aim to protect your house but also your office or workplace, which will thwart any attempt of theft or burglary by notifying and authorities.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting

Now see more with less power consumption with our smart lighting solutions. With our smart lights, you will not stress over switching lights on and off. You will witness energy efficiency, convenience, and security with our smart lights. These lights will switch on when they detect motion. They are also available in solar-powered options for providing extra savings.



Get extra security for your house with our home security accessories. With these add-ons for our security systems, you will place an extra layer of your security around your house. The different product accessories will make your house practically unbreachable. You will also enhance the functionality and efficiency of your security system with the help of these accessories.

Ring App Download

Ring App Download

The Ring App serves as a tool to connect different components of your security system to one. Download the application from the Play Store if you wish to give a smart look makeover to your security system. You will be notified about every suspicious and unauthorized movement in your property with this application, making it a must for people who want to make their neighbourhood a safe dwelling place.

Leverage the advancements in technology to secure your house from intruders

All the products catered by us are aimed to provide an unbreakable security solution that is connected with other security devices to provide an enhanced experience. The products use existing WiFi networks at home to hook all the products and make them work as a unit. The Ring application helps you to control each product and its functions to get the desired level of security. You can also opt for wireless products for a cleaner set-up of products. With no hidden costs, we serve you as a consumer-centric firm helping you secure your home.

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Support guidelines for the setup of Security Cams

At Ring, customers are always a priority and to ensure that our customers are not facing any issues while installing security cams at their homes, we have brought you a step-by-step guide. The pandemic has stopped us from coming to your house and installing the product, but it can’t stop us in helping you set up your security camera.

All the cameras provided by us are equipped with sensors capable of capturing images at 1080p. They can be connected with the other device and provide real-time recording on your phone or other monitors. Some of them are also equipped with IR blasters, which allow them to see in the dark making an impeccable monitoring choice.

To install the camera, you will get standard accessories available in the box, wall mount (available with selected products), clips, nails, the ethernet wire, and power adapter. You can purchase more accessories from the official store if you need more materials for installation.

Our support team will be directly guiding you while you are setting your security camera via video conferencing. Follow the steps instructed by them and you will sail through the process.

The first step is to find a suitable place for installing your camera. Depending upon the recommended condition and visibility of the device, a proper place should be chosen. Outdoor cameras are resistant to heat, dust, and water while indoor cameras are resistant to oil fumes, therefore, the location of the camera can determine the life of your camera.

Setting wired and wireless cameras

If your camera is wireless, all you need to do is connect it with the ethernet wire and plug-in the power. Be sure to use wall clips to keep the ethernet cable in place. Next download the Ring Application. Connect your smartphone with the WiFi of your place, then in the application select the prompt to connect your camera with the same WiFi connection.

After this, your application will show a QR code, scan it with your camera. To do this, bring your phone closer to the camera lens and then move it slowly backwards and forward. A voice prompt will inform you that your camera is connected. Choose your plan and you are all secured. The application can also diagnose the device for any problems in its software or hardware and help you get it resolved soon.

For wired cameras, run cables to the locations which you found suitable for your device. Run these cables from the camera location to the DVR box. Once you are done running the cables, install the cameras. Use the mounting screws and wall mounts to install it on the intended location. Connect the cables to the DVR in their intended ports.

Once you are done with all this, all is left is setting up the interface. The setting of the interface requires you to set up a password, time, date, and other details. After completion, your camera system is officially running and recording.

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Plans for monitoring

You can connect your Ring security cameras with your smart monitors and see required locations with a voice command. You can also connect them with your smart speakers, which will inform you whenever motion is detected. To connect your security cameras to your smart devices, follow the normal pairing process and you are all done.

Choose a plan that meets all your requirements. We have a sundry of plans you can choose depending upon your budget and necessity. Besides this, there is a Ring Protect Plan which will allow you to have overall control over your Ring devices. There are two levels of the Ring Protect Plan, The Basic and The Plus Security Plan.

With the Plus plan, you will have all the functionalities of the device. You can share, record, or capture moments from your security camera and share them wherever required. The plus plan also brings the option of professional monitoring of the property. This ensures that your house is safe to its core and there are no chances of break-ins or thefts.

Feel free to connect with the customer support executives whenever you feel any doubt, question about the installation process, or just to say hello. Our customer support is always happy to help you.

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